How can insight help your E-commerce business?

dh insight can help you understand, predict and encourage behaviour, rather than just identifying what you already know from your website statistics.

Customer engagement: who are your online customers/stakeholders and why do they choose you? Why do others not? Our research can determine the reasons for online behaviour as we focus on collecting in-depth findings that help you understand the reasons why and what action can be taken.

Customer perspective: single or paired interactive ‘surfing’ sessions with customers will enable you to re-design or fine-tune your website to make it more intuitive and appropriate to their needs.

Customer segmentation: learn more about your customer base, their behaviour, attitudes and preferences, and determine apply these insights to increase your appeal.

New product testing/existing product optimisation: scenario testing with your customers to ensure the optimal launch and refinements.

New business proposition: understand your customers and determine whether your business offer will generate any demand from the market in which you operate. Take the first step when developing a marketing strategy or plan commissioning by primary or secondary research, or both.

Competitor review: comparisons and matrix presentations of your competitors’ sites from the customer perspective.

Customer consultations:  qualitative and quantitative research can help e-businesses to explore customer perceptions as well as ensuring that stakeholders have sufficient opportunities to communicate with you.

Opinion and satisfaction studies: qualitative and/or quantitative assessments of customer satisfaction can reveal areas for review. Research with internal stakeholders can reveal opportunities and barriers to implementation of improvements.

Campaign evaluations: dh insight can measure the impact of e-commerce campaigns in the short, mid and long terms.