How can insight help your organisation?

dh insight is experienced at engaging with diverse stakeholder groups, providing clients with perceptive research findings to inform strategic reviews.

Public consultations: qualitative and quantitative research methodologies can help organisations to explore public perceptions of proposed policy changes, as well as ensuring that stakeholders have sufficient opportunities to have their say.

Opinion and satisfaction studies: qualitative and/or quantitative assessments of customer satisfaction can reveal areas for review. The opinions of external stakeholders such as business contacts, the media and members of the public can inform the development of good practice. Research with internal stakeholders can reveal opportunities and barriers to implementation of improvements.

Policy review: dh insight can provide supporting evidence for decision-making in new policy or product ideas, as well as reviewing current and proposed changes in service.

Social and employment studies: examinations of perceptions and experiences of different stakeholder groups can provide vital information for local government. dh insight is experienced in conducting research with traditionally ‘hard-to-reach’ groups, and we ensure that participants’ comfort is paramount.

Campaign evaluations: dh insight can measure the impact of local government sponsored campaigns in the short, mid and long terms.