How can insight help you?

Market intelligence, competitor analysis, new product and scenario testing, stakeholder perceptions, customer satisfaction – dh insight can meet all of your research needs.

Customer satisfaction reviews: qualitative and/or quantitative assessments of customer satisfaction can reveal areas for review.

Services review: customer feedback highlights any service quality issues in business.  dh insight can help you determine what is important, what is being adequately provided, and what gaps need to be bridged.

External stakeholder perceptions: qualitative and quantitative research with external stakeholders such as customers and clients, business contacts, suppliers and the media can help you to understand what the gaps are between the internal and external perceptions of your organisation, and how to address them.

Staff insight: consultations with staff to investigate internal issues, such as the gender pay gap, communication and reporting structures and staff satisfaction.

Website review: ‘surfing’ sessions with customers/clients will enable you to re-design or fine-tune your website to make it more intuitive and appropriate to their needs. This technique is particularly useful in demonstrating how visitors to your site find information (if at all).

Communications and marketing materials reviews, including creative concept testing and campaign support.

Market intelligence: collection and application of information to inform strategy.

Competitor analysis: evaluate your provision in the context of your competitors. dh insight will create a matrix of factors for comparison (and this can be done from the customers’ perspective).

New product and scenario testing: investing in early exploration of customer reactions to your new developments can save a lot of time and money, and help ensure you get it right.